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Session of Young Researchers

Rules of the Young Researcher Award

It is the tradition of the SHP Congress to honor the best paper presented during the Session of Young Researchers (SYR). This event is organized as a poster session preceded by oral presentations (2 min.) with 1-2 slides summary in English. Each accepted paper is assigned to one of the following domains: Life Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities, Physical & Engineering Sciences. Contributed papers are evaluated and approved for presentation by a ikona PDF Jury appointed by the SHP President. The same Jury grants 3 Young Researcher Awards - one Award for each of the above mentioned domains. Each Award winner will be granted a one month research stay in Germany by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). In addition, the Jury may distinguish several papers in each domain.

Each participant of the SYR is eligible for the Award if she or he fulfils the following requirements:

  • is up to the age of 35;
  • is a single author or the first co-author of a paper approved for the presentation;

The Jury applies the following criteria when selecting the best paper:

  • the originality of the problem formulation and solution techniques will be of primary importance;
  • the quality of the poster and the ability of the author to present it orally will be taken into account as well.

Decisions of the Jury are made by a simple majority of votes. Voting on procedural matters is public. Voting on the best paper(s) is secret. Papers having members of Jury as co-authors are not eligible for the Award. The Jury announces it´s decisions at the closing ceremony of the Congress.

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Abstracts should be submitted to e-mail:

updated: 2016-07-17